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Accurate rates and simple order fulfillment all in one place

Print, stick, ship, and save

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A laptop and shipping supplies such as boxes, tape, etc.

No setup required

Display USPS rates at checkout. Buy and print labels in Shopify. The cost will automatically be added to your Shopify invoice. Your customers automatically receive an email with tracking info.

Flexible shipping options

Manage order fulfillment within Shopify. Choose a ship date up to 7 days in advance. Add Signature Confirmation for extra peace of mind.

Print your labels in advance

Save time at the post office when you print your labels at home or at work. Drop off prepared packages without having to wait in line.

Full integration with USPS

All Shopify merchants shipping from the United States can start buying and printing their USPS shipping labels.

See what you could save shipping the example package below

Example Package USPS Discounted Shopify Rate
Example Package

Priority Mail
Weight: 2 pounds
Shipped: NYC - Chicago

Walk-in Rate

(Aug 2017)

Discounted Shopify Rate
Your Shopify Rate
You Save

See more example shipping rates

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Really appreciate the integration, it has saved me and my team countless hours!

Ibrahim Overalls

I absolutely love how easy the process is to fulfill orders and purchase labels. Keep up the great work.


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