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Whether you have a single product or hundreds of SKUs, Shopify’s WordPress ecommerce plugin helps you sell directly to your audience. Easily add products, a WordPress shopping cart, and a checkout to your WordPress ecommerce site without spending hours customizing your site or hiring WordPress ecommerce developers to set it up.

With just a few clicks, you can enable our WordPress shopping cart plugin and start selling today.

Start selling from your existing WordPress site

Add ecommerce to the WordPress site you’ve painstakingly built

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Simply add Shopify’s WordPress ecommerce plugin and sell from where you are already connecting with customers.

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You manage your WordPress site and let us handle the rest – everything from payments and secure checkout to shipping and fulfillment.

Free themes

Shopify customers can download one of three free WordPress themes Shopify is making available with its plugin.

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Shopify handles all the hassles of ecommerce, perfect for beginners and experts alike

  • Unlimited products

  • 100+ payment gateways accepted

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  • Secure, responsive checkout experience

  • Track sales and growth trends

  • Global tax and currency support

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