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Marketing your online business using SEO

Marketing your online business using search engine optimization, or SEO, requires some technical skill. Updated knowledge of the changing Internet landscape will ensure that your business remains in the search engine results pages. SEO search marketing offers an “organic” method to market a business; it does not require that business owners pay money to get their business recognized. Remembering SEO for business websites provides a wide range of benefits and Shopify delivers a strong framework for building a search engine optimized website.

Search engine optimization defined

Many people use the term SEO when referring to online marketing efforts. Essentially, SEO is a practice that involves the improvement of a website to increase search engine ranking results. These practices ensure that a website has a structure that the search engines can clearly understand. The search engines, such as Google and Bing, deliver targeted traffic to websites and making sure your site’s content appeals to your audience is highly relevant. Ultimately, good search engine optimization practices will deliver people to your site based on the products you offer. Shopify delivers an abundance of ecommerce marketing features that take some of the guesswork out of search marketing.

Online marketing: SEO

An online business requires marketing strategies that are dissimilar and similar to brick-and-mortar businesses. The major search engines use algorithms to locate appropriate Web pages when people enter search terms in the search box. These algorithms attempt to locate pages that are a close or exact match for a user’s search terms or keywords. In addition to keywords, the number and quality of sites that link to an online business’s content also play a role in a website’s visibility. Online marketing, SEO and online advertising play a significant role in an ecommerce site’s success. For example, someone searching for “brown pocketbook” will have a wide range of options from which to choose. However, if your site has received the appropriate SEO search marketing treatment, it may appear in the top 10 search results.

Small business SEO tips

Small businesses struggle against bigger stores to gain attention. Contending with big advertising and marketing budgets can present a challenge. Consequently, getting SEO for business right can make the difference between failure and success. One of the most important small business SEO tips is understanding the audience. Understanding how your audience searches for your products can make a big difference in the amount of traffic the site receives. In addition to understanding the audience, choosing the appropriate keywords will improve the chances of gaining favorable search engine rankings. Finally, one of the most common and equally important small business SEO tips is to create strong, engaging and original content. The content should entertain your guests and create an environment for “sharing” your information over social networks.

Local SEO for small business

Implementing practices that generate local SEO for small business can improve sales consistently. Local efforts incorporate location-based keywords into a site’s copy and throughout the online marketing plan. For example, if you offer an online store that specializes in local cuisine, local SEO can create a satisfying shopping experience. Local search engine optimization can cut down on transit time and deliver impressive conversion statistics. In addition, more people are searching for websites using mobile technologies, including their cell phones and tablets. Recent statistics show that local online searches increased by 58% during 2008-2009.

Online marketing, SEO and strong advertising practices can help build traffic and result in conversions. When customers search for specific keywords, a local SEO for small business strategy can improve traffic. Search marketing delivers an inexpensive method to market an online business. Shopify offers a range of ecommerce strategies, including Google analytics integration, ecommerce analytics and a strong platform developed for establishing SEO practices.

+ Jannelle Pierce