Still Using a Cash Register Machine?

Switch to Shopify POS as your electronic cash register for easy sales & instant payment processing.

Cash register machines are a thing of the past.

Not only are they awkward looking space guzzlers in your brick and mortar store, but these machines also make it far too easy for errors to occur.

Think of Shopify POS as an electronic cash register.

It works as an iPad app loaded with useful features and sophisticated capabilities that simplify and improve the management of your physical and online retail stores.

When it comes to convenience, features and useful functions,
you can’t beat Shopify POS:

  With A Cash Register With Shopify POS
Advanced, Cutting Edge Appearance Cash registers look old and dated. And remember, in a retail environment, first impressions count. Shopify POS instantly shows your customers that your store is current, cutting edge, and up to date with the latest payment processing technologies.
In-Store Convenience In a store with a cash register, there's only one option: line up at the cash. With Shopify POS, you can serve your customers throughout your store and bring the cash register to them! Create customer profiles and collect email addresses for future promotions right on the spot.
Powerful Reporting & Analytics A cash register records sales but it doesn't offer reports or analytical data about your business. Shopify POS, your electronic cash register, provides detailed, insightful and practical reports and analyses.
Email Receipts A cash register only produces paper receipts for customers. With Shopify POS, you're able to give your customers the option of a printed or emailed receipt.
Online / Offline Syncing A cash register only records brick and mortar sales without any synchronization with your online store. Shopify POS automatically syncs your offline data with your online store in real time, all the time.
Customer Support Does your cash register come with 24/7 customer support? Didn't think so. Shopify POS is offered through Shopify, which means that you’re fully supported by our knowledgeable and easy-to-get-a-hold-of customer support team whenever you need us.
Pricing Cash registers require a significant upfront investment Shopify POS operates on a competitive monthly fee that doesn't require a single upfront investment. You can try it FREE for 14 days!

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