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Use Facebook for business

With Shopify’s Facebook Store app, you can put your Facebook business page to work. Go beyond “likes” and “comments” and start getting sales! Once you have the app, a customizable tab appears on your page. You decide what products you want to sell through Facebook, and they’ll show up for all your fans to view, share and purchase.

Your Facebook business page acts as another avenue to sell your products. Finally, a way to seriously monetize your social media efforts.

Facebook Store example
Messenger order confirmation and chat opt-in

Connect with your customers instantly

Personalize the shopping experience with Messenger chat support on your online store and Facebook page. Customers can buy your products directly in a chat, and track their orders in real time.

Managing your Facebook business page is easy

All the features you need for a successful Facebook store

Fast setup

Launch your customized Facebook business page in just minutes by configuring everything right from your Shopify backend admin.

Seamless syncing

Work on your Shopify store without a worry in the world, knowing that the second you add a product or change a price, it’s instantly reflected on your Facebook business page.

Totally integrated

We know you love the convenient functions and features of your Shopify store, which is why they’re all available through your Facebook business page too.