Google Product Search Integration Update

Over the past couple of weeks we have released some updates to Google Product Search so you can take advantage of some new fields that Google has added. These changes also cover the feed requirements for September 22 that Google announced a few months ago.

For most customers these new fields are already being submitted, customers who are selling Apparel type products my need to add some additional fields to their products.

New Features:
  • the availability of your products (in/out of stock) is automatically submitted
  • the Shopify product type is automatically submitted along with the Google Product Type specified
  • the first 9 images are automatically submitted with each product
  • color, size, pattern and material options are automatically submitted if the product has variants with those options
  • gender and age group can be specified in the additional fields area
You can read more about how your products are submitted to Google Product Search on our wiki. If you're not yet publishing your products with Google, you can read more about how to activate it here.



  • Jolly Old Bloke
    Jolly Old Bloke
    September 20 2011, 07:08AM

    Thanks John. I’ve been hoping for more than one photo for each product. When will this feature go into effect? My products were updated yesterday and still show only one image.

  • Mr. bursa
    Mr. bursa
    September 23 2011, 07:21PM

    Hi Mr John Duff,
    You can post your more products and image ads for unlimited free into

  • Farren
    February 17 2014, 07:09AM

    There is a problem with the stock availability being submitted. This app only submits the first size displayed on a website. This means if size Small for example is out of stock and medium and large are in stock google still reads your item as out of stock thus results do not show up in google shopping. Can you please look into this?

  • Vishal
    August 02 2018, 11:22AM

    Thanks for sharing information about product search integration update, same here in Shopify store, Product Partial Update application works or helps sellers to update the attributes of the product variants using the SKU# through csv file. Seller can select the products and their fields that need to be updated as a csv file.
    product link:

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