Product Update: Carrier Tracking Number Auto Detection Update

Product Update: Carrier Tracking Number Auto Detection Update

Over the past couple of weeks a few customers have been having issues with the auto detection for shipping carriers when they fulfill an order. This is happening because there has started to be some cross over with the tracking numbers that the different carriers (UPS, Canada Post, FexEx, etc.) use. This is very frustrating because when an order is fulfilled the customer is sent an email with a tracking link, if an incorrect carrier has been matched this link  wont work and will only serve to confuse the customer!

To fix this issue we now allow the carrier to be selected when an order is being fulfilled. We're still trying to auto detect what the carrier might be based on the tracking number, so hopefully you won't need to change it, but if you do there's a drop down for doing just that. Here it is in action when an order is being fulfilled:

Product Update: Carrier Tracking Number Auto Detection Update

What about orders you've already fulfilled you ask? You can just go back to the order and click on the link "We successfully fulfilled xx line item" in the order history and update the carrier there. You can also send out a new email to your customer so they will have the correct tracking number. Here's what it looks like:

Super easy! Now you have full control over the carrier that is used so there will never again be an incorrect tracking url!

As always we're trying our best to improve Shopify and make it as easy as possible for our customers to use. We would love to hear your feedback on this and any of the features within Shopify that you're using day to day. Hope this helps!



  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy
    June 06 2011, 11:40AM

    Love it, but you should implement the same idea with the fulfilment options so you can select if you would like a 3rd party service to fulfil this order or fulfil it yourself!

  • Joseph P
    Joseph P
    June 06 2011, 12:15PM

    This is great!

    Item level coupons would be the next request I would want.

  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy
    June 06 2011, 12:37PM

    Quantity discount is a MUST, I’m having to get my contract packer to shrink wrap 2 of the same product together and label that with an SKU to work with Shipwire, ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE, SORT IT OUT!!

  • Sarah Nelson
    Sarah Nelson
    June 07 2011, 04:29AM

    Thanks Shopify for sorting this out. We were one of the shops having issues with this, so it’s great that you have been able to work it out. We are very pleased.
    I’d love to be able to have more control over orders in the admin though, to be able to edit customer addresses would be a start!
    Thanks Shopify!

  • Peter O'Donnell
    Peter O'Donnell
    June 08 2011, 12:48AM

    Why autodetect at all? This feature is a major pain, and doesn’t work well, and we had to code around it – this fix obviously helps – but only if you are using a carrier on the list you have provided (we use Australia Post). Why not let us add the details and URL details for each carrier we use, maybe let us set a default, but picking from a small list we have configured seems to be a much better solution.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith
    June 08 2011, 06:42AM

    We agree with Peter as we use Australia Post as well and have given up using tracking online. A set default of our choice would solve the problem.

  • Jakob
    June 13 2011, 08:33PM

    does carrier tracking work with Canpar shipping service?

  • Rebecca jane Neale
    Rebecca jane Neale
    June 20 2011, 09:00AM

    Hi i cant forfill the cost of an order, as i cant work out how to add shipping costs. As i want to ship in the uk using royal mail, i will take package to the local post office. Ive stopped using my site as i cant add this cost please help its diffcult when your not a computer nerd!!! help as my payments to yourself are going out each quater and i havent had a sale yet . many thanks rebecca

  • Christian Bowie
    Christian Bowie
    October 22 2011, 07:24AM

    Australia post have updated the way they deal with tracking codes

    They now use instead of

  • Carol Majer Kantor
    Carol Majer Kantor
    February 13 2017, 08:38PM

    My order with Glitter Zone TGZ6542 was placed quite awhile ago and I still have not received it. I have received an email saying my product was shipped and on the way. Email also says track your order to see your delivery date. However there is no link for tracking my order no tracking number and no reference to what carrier. I have sent approximately 5 emails to Glitter Zone and have had no reply. When I press on the arrow for my order a 2nd page comes up but there is no way to access it. shopify was noted on it so I am sending this to you for help.

  • Beauty Big Bang
    Beauty Big Bang
    September 21 2017, 09:48PM

    The problem is, there are hundreds of, maybe thousands of delivery companies in the world. And how many auto detection you offer?
    Our store is suffering a lot by this stupid auto detection, we have lots of orders everyday and you told us to do that changing everyday? You want us to put a employer who has the same salary as the manager to do the fulfil job?
    Stop this bullshit program and just set an API for these website which could track all orders. Like 17 track.

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