Product Photography for Ecommerce

Powerful visuals lead to stronger sales. Learn how you can take your own product photos.

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A picture says a thousand words.

As shoppers become ever-more reliant on their computers and smartphone screens, product visuals are increasingly important in the shopping experience.

Over 90% of shoppers attribute a recent online purchase to the quality of a product image. And while a simple product on a white background may seem simple, there’s a lot that goes into crafting the perfect image of your product.

In this course, you’ll learn how to setup your own home studio and take product photos with your smartphone or digital SLR.

Creative Planning

Learn how to plan your shoot, make a shot list, and develop a creative direction for your photos.

$5 Home Studio Setup

Learn how to use window light in your home and how to position products.

Camera Settings

Get guidance on the right camera settings to capture your product in the right light.

How to Hire a Photographer

Learn how to take your photography to the next level and hire a professional.

Meet your instructor

Jeff Delacruz

With decades of photography experience between them, Jeff and his co-founders launched Products on White Photography to serve entrepreneurs striving to better showcase their products. Today, the Chicago-based studio photographs thousands of products for hundreds of clients worldwide.

During that time, Jeff learned the finer details of taking product photos that convert. Rather than simply capturing the product, Jeff works with clients to understand the sales funnel, from first impression right through to product sales page.

In this course, Jeff shows you how he plans his shoots and quickly iterates to achieve the best product images.

Course outline

Whether you’re shooting with a smartphone or have a semi-professional travel camera, Jeff share’s his methods for preparing the perfect product photography shoot.

From pre-shoot planning to taking the photos to posting them on your Shopify store, Jeff walks you through every step of the way.


Why Good Product Photos Sell More

Learn the elements of a great product photo and why investing in your images makes sense.

Begin module one


Planning the Shoot

Create a list of all the product shots you need, from social assets to product page galleries.

Begin module two


Low/No Budget Product Photography

Get resourceful with what you have at home and create your own home studio.

Begin module three


Hiring a Professional

Learn how to outsource product photography, what to ask, and what to pay.

Begin module four


Grow Your Business with Product Photography

Optimize your images for SEO and increase conversion rates with improved product pages.

Begin module five

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“Just get started! Don't be scared to make mistakes; mistakes in the beginning are a must to succeed.”

Dann Thorleifsson, Shopify Success Story,

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

The product photography course is on-demand so you can start and pause anytime.

How much is the course?

Free! Shopify Academy and POW Photography have partnered to help make product photography easier for all entrepreneurs.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed primarily for beginners looking to level-up their product photography skills. We’ve also incorporate more advanced learning around hiring a product photographer for those who are interested in outsourcing the work.

Where can I find product photos?

If you’re unable to take your own photos, consider searching Burst, Shopify’s own stock photo site. If you have a more unique product, consider finding a freelance photographer who specializes in product photography or work with a studio like Jeff’s.

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