Create your custom brand

Ever dreamed of starting your own custom clothing line? Print-on-demand is a business model that lets you print your custom-branded products only after a customer orders it on your store. That means no upfront costs or inventory to hold.

The key to success with this business model is to find a niche audience and develop a product they absolutely love.

In this course, you’ll get a proven framework to start and scale your print-on-demand business. If you’re willing to learn, put in the work to test products and grow your audience, you’re in the right place to build a profitable custom brand business.

Identify a Niche Audience

Find an audience you’re interested and passionate about serving with your products.

Custom Artwork for Non-Artists

Do it yourself, buy designs, or commission artwork for your products.

Generate Traffic and Get More Sales

Capture your audience’s attention and turn them into avid buyers. Then, learn to grow your business.

Meet your instructor

Adrian Morrison

While on family vacation, Adrian Morrison started his print-on-demand business. Recently, he surpassed seven figures in sales. Adrian owns and operates several print-on-demand stores and has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to create their own print-on-demand businesses. In this course, Adrian shares the latest strategies and secrets he used to reach the million-dollar milestone and beyond.

Course outline

Designed by Adrian exclusively for Shopify Academy, this course offers a framework for rapid product testing and business growth.

From sourcing artwork to finding printing partners to driving traffic, you’ll get the steps you need to launch and grow your business.


What is Print on Demand?

Learn how the print-on-demand business model works.

Begin module one


Create Your Flagship Print on Demand Products

Create your own, custom branded product: t-shirts, mugs, shoes and so much more.

Begin module two


Create Your Shopify Store

Learn how to start a Shopify account and add your first product to your store.

Begin module three


Generating Traffic and Sales

Start building an audience and drive traffic to your store.

Begin module four


Grow Your Print on Demand Empire

Recognize the products that are excelling and grow your business around them.

Begin module five

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“If you start with ten loyal customers who can’t stop talking about your company, it will turn to 100 customers and take off from there.”

from Mark Latham, Shopify Success Story,

Frequently asked questions

How do I make money?

Once an order is made, say $20 USD for a t-shirt, you fulfill the order through Shopify. With just a few clicks, you purchase the shirt from your supplier for $10 and they print, package and ship the t-shirt directly to your customer. You’ve just made $10 in profit! Keep in mind, you’ll need to find an audience and a product they actually want to buy. That can take time and advertising money so it’s never a guarantee.

How much does it cost to create my products?

All costs depend on the specific product and the complexity of the design. Some t-shirts with one or two color may cost $5-10 each to produce. Keep in mind, with print-on-demand, you only have to pay for your product once you’ve received an order from a customer so you’re never paying for products up front.

Where are my products coming from?

Shopify partners with numerous print-on-demand suppliers around the world. Often they buy work in large scale facilities with industrial sized printers. Most often, these print-on-demand suppliers will purchase a large quantity of products, for example t-shirts. Then, when they receive your order, their system takes the right t-shirt size and color, prints the design, and automatically packages and ships the finished product to the customer.

Is there homework?

Yes. You’re expected to follow along with your own Shopify account and use the worksheets and templates the instructors provide. These are all designed to ensure you’re maximizing your founder education.

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